DIY Shark Costume Made Out Of A Hoodie

An easy way to make a costume in a jiffy is to use items you already have, especially old hoodies in need of a face lift. With a hoodie ready to be recycled, a few sheets of felt, and a glue gun you can create a number of different Halloween costumes that will possibly have an afterlife on the playground once Halloween has passed. The following tutorial will demonstrate how to create your very own shark costume hoodie. Pair with grey sweatpants and sneakers and you have yourself a mean looking costume that is also comfy and cozy too.

Step 1: Wash and clean your recycled grey hoodie. Plain hoodies work best, however even ones with a little writing can work as you may be able to cover the decorations up. If you don't have a grey hoodie lying around, you can purchase one for minimal money from Target, Old Navy, or Khol's

Step 2: Print the attached pattern for the teeth, eyes, and shark belly and cut out the pattern pieces.
Step 3: Line your pattern up on the felt pieces and cut out the images. You will want to cut out two sets of teeth. One for the top of the hoodie and one for the bottom.
Step 4: Place your newly cut out shark pieces and lay them onto your grey hoodie where you would like to glue them. Heat up your glue-gun.

Step 5: First glue on the teeth around the upper inside edge of the hoodie. Then glue the bottom set of teeth to the bottom of the hoodie. You may need to cut those teeth in half in order to allow space for the zipper.
Step 6: Glue on the belly pieces one on either side of the zipper on the front of the hoodie.
Step 7: Glue the pupils onto the eyes and then glue the eyes on either side of the top of the hoodie.
Step 8: Cut out two right triangles for the back fin out of grey felt. Glue one triangle on either side of the point at the top of the hoodie. Glue the two triangles together sandwiching the tip of the hoodie in between the triangles.
Step 9: Allow the glue to set completely. Add any other details your would like. Pair with grey pants and a sneaks and your child is set for trick-or-treating!

Then you can create a whole family of sharks! Take a look at those shark hood!


  1. This is too cute (and so simple). My son loves sharks and has an old gray hoodie :)

    I am your latest follower from

  2. Really looking so cute.My friend's son love goat costume.I’m so glad I randomly found your blog. It looks cool and has great posts.



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