Toddler Craft Project {Nature Collage}

We had a little break in the rain and decided we should go outside for that wee bit of time. The ground was wet, which made Emory even more interested in everything around him. To capture the excitement of the freshly washed earth we made a nature collage! This turned out to be a spectacular project (and easy too) for an active toddler.

I gave Emory a small plastic bucket to collect natural flat items that could be added to our nature collage. We collected pine needles, leaves, flower petals, specs of dirt, and some non-natural objects too that included bits of glitter (not sure how he saw those!). It took us a long time as we paused, examined and considered each object that was found. Emory loved exploring the different pieces.

I cut about 2 feet of clear sticky contact shelving paper after we were finished collecting. I helped Emory place each found object on one foot  of the sticky side of the contact paper. He enjoyed arranging and placing the objects. He thought the stickiness of the contact paper was fun too.

After all his items were placed on the contact paper we folded over the remaining portion of the contact paper to seal in his collage. We hole punched a hole into the top and threaed a ribbon through creating a lovely window sun catcher. We gifted the sun catcher to E's Great Grandmother who did indeed love her great grandson's creation.

What have you and your family been doing to connect with nature?


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsay, I would love to see what you and your son create!

  3. Oh my goodness, so cute! My nieces and nephews (I have a lot) might like to do this.

  4. Hi My Hideaway,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, yes young ones have a lot of fun with this craft project (:

  5. G. Grandma T. says: I just found this page! What a lovely project by Emory, and his beautiful suncatcher art is hanging in my window for me to enjoy and think about our darling Emory whenever I look out into the gardens! My Ya Ya group loves it, too! Thanks, Julia, for sharing your many talents and being such a dear, loving Mom! (Emory is only 14 months old doing this project! -- amazing!).



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