Fall Leaf Stained Glass

Happy day readers! This morning I was awoken super early by a dog and a child (we're dog sitting, oh, and I have a toddler who always wakes up super early), and thought it was a perfect crisp fall morning for a walk. On our walk the sides of the streets were covered in brightly colored fallen leaves. Yellows, reds, maroons, oranges... swirled together to make a fallen leaf river. Like normal people, E and I began shoveling the leaves into one of the grocery bags I had brought with us (for you know.... because of the dog).

What could be better than to make a leaf collage? And, of course, on contact paper! Because, that's just what I like to do this time of year (see last spring's  nature collage).

I taped the clear contact paper to our giant glass sliding door, piled the leaves into a bowl and released the toddler. There could be nothing better to a toddler than a giant sticky surface that his mom let's him play with.

Sorting of the leaves took place on the floor before they were carefully selected and placed onto the contact paper.

Once deemed complete, I folded the contact paper in half to secure the leaves inside. We hung it in our living room window for a little fall and Thanksgiving decor.

How do you like to use leaves in your fall decor?


  1. GREAT idea!!! I will do this with holiday decor cutouts!

  2. This was such a fun craft project for my toddler. He has asked to recreate it several times. Fortunately a role of contact papers lasts a really long time! Thank you both for your comments!



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