My 4 Favorite Art Business Podcasts

Yeah, that's me (yes I am taking a selfie) with no make-up rock'n my headphones as I get podcast smart

I am not going to lie. I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is mostly because I do a lot of work on the computer and I work from home, so I get lonely. Is it weird that I kind of feel like I know some of these people? I like to pretend that they are my friends. Okay, I know they are not my friends but it would be really cool if they were!

In the last year I have been scouring the internet and iTunes for some of the best podcasts about art and business. This was no easy task. There are plenty of podcasts about being an entrepreneur or how to make a million bucks (Eventual Millionaire is pretty awesome even if she doesn't focus on art businesses).

For some reason there is this belief that artists and business don't go together. Artists are "too flighty" to carry out a solid and well run business, at least this is what I hear often, and often from the mouths of artists! I am here to say that this is not- and does not- have to be true.  Here are my favorite podcasts that debunk the whole "starving artist" mentality.

Here are my 4 Favorite Art Business Podcasts:

1. Creative Insurgence- Cory Huff and Melissa Dinwiddi provide stellar interviews with successful artists and tackle that age old conundrum "starving artist" head on.

2. Jess Lively Show- Jess interviews some amazing entrepreneurs with a bent towards artful businesses. I especially loved the Whitney English episode. It is authentic and vulnerable and provides some true gems of wisdom.

3. The Fresh Rag Show- Dave is a straight talker and gets the dirt on what it means to be a working artist. His interviews are insightful and thought provoking.

4. After the Jump- Grace Bonney the creator of Design*Sponge hosts this well put-together podcast. Through insightful interviews with designers and artists Grace is able to pull out information and guidance for all those of us artists just getting started with ease.

Do you have a favorite art business podcast? Or business related podcast you just can't get enough of? Let me know in the comments. I will generate a whole list to share on the blog.



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