Toddler Craft Project {Just Stick It!}

I think it is least that's what my calendar says. However, I some how keep finding ourselves in doors due to wetness, chill, and wind factor. I deemed it necessary to play with those felt flowers again (Remember this post?) and contact paper (Remember this post?)

Yes, we dreamed of all the lovely spring colors (and soon to be summer) as we played with sicky contact paper and felt. Something so fun about selecting, placing, squishing, and later hanging a craft made on contact paper.

In fact, my wee one re-made his little decoration at leats five times before boredom struck and we moved onto...I think bouncing off the walls.

Proved to be a fun tactile experience for him

And I hope it will prove to be a fun one for you too.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. It has been rainy, rainy here in Massachusetts for the past week!! We, too, have been trying to come up with lots of indoor activities. Love this one.

  2. Hi Lindsay, Fortunatly this weekend it was lovely and we got out to play. But, oh last week! Yikes so much rain. Hope your son enjoys this fun activity!



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